Hello Geek!

Throughout my school years, I’ve been that quiet kid in the second last bench- minding my own business,too invisible to notice. Neither a scholar nor a failure, neither loved nor loathed. Precisely, mediocre in every aspect. Mediocre to an extent where it’s nothing but disheartening as a teen.

When most of my peers stood outside the principal’s office proud of their scandalous deed, I’d be watching from a distance with a face of disdain. Being an outright nerd, I had questionable contribution to co-curriculars or cultural activities, basically anything except academics. Not that I didn’t live enough but just never got any close to a wild adventure, too scared to make mistakes.

Putting on the uniform for one last time, you can feel a childish fear constricting your windpipe. Fear of being unprepared, for what’s out there and whether you’re brave enough to face it. But that’s the thing about life, you’re never truly prepared, even when you think you’ve got the leash it’s usually the other way round.
Everyone took the medical and engineering entrance exams, as is a ritual in India, and some slightly audacious ones chose Law. But I, despite being a science student, had always known what I wanted. Being a persistent scribbler I wished to pursue literature and had shortlisted some of the best Literature schools in town.

By the end of my high school I was determined to change my situation. I wasn’t gonna be an invisible nerd anymore. I couldn’t wait to begin anew. However, just as I said, life had in store for me something else.

Stay tuned for the next story. Thank you for reading 🙂

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